With us you will learn how to professionally implement your ideas

With us you will learn how to professionally implement your ideas


The love of passion is a wonderful thing.  Through your passion can your clothing become more than an item.  It becomes an individual, unmistakable expression of your personality.  If you enjoy working creatively with a variety of materials and textiles, then lets make more of your passion and make this passion your future job.  After completing a three year apprenticeship at MDC you will have the qualification of “International Fashion Designer” – the fundamentals for your dream job in the fashion industry.


With the qualification as “International Fashion Designer” you have the opportunity to work in various areas of the fashion industry.  There are multiple jobs available to you such as Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Fashion Journalist, Product Manager, Pattern Maker, Design Technician, Quality Controller or Marketing Designer.  Our course tailors to meet your individual needs to work nationally and internationally.


At MDC we provide you with all the professional equipment you need to make you wildest fashion ideas come to life.  You benefit from our creative and intense apprenticeship at MDC.   With the right sense for aesthetics, silhouetes, colours and shapes combined with your love of fashion are you then finally qualified for your future dream job.


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Your apprenticeship at MDC is seven semesters long and your final qualification is “International Fashion Designer”.  The MDC is a state recognised vocational supplementary school in accordance to § 118 Abs. 1 SchulG NRW.


Our admission requirements are a high school education.  In exceptional cases such as special artistic ability or previous industry experience will also be considered.   Applications from outside Germany are very much welcome and of course students that would like to transfer from their current apprenticeship.  The course is carried out exclusively in German.


The start of each Semester is 1st April and 1st October.  Classes take place over a four day week containing 32 hours a week tuition.   In total there are three breaks during a calendar year – Spring Break is three weeks, Summer Holidays is seven weeks and there are two weeks provided over the Christmas and New Year period.


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Course Content
We will redefine your design and creativity skills and ensure you have a comprehensive insight into colours and shapes.


In order for our students to further progress creatively our lectures are carried out in stylishly furnished rooms.   We work with state of the art equipment in small and efficient learning groups.  What we find unique to MDC is the special family atmosphere which helps significantly with better learning outcomes.


After your successful qualification with us you should have the following:

To deepen our students understanding of the Fashion Industry it is mandatory that they complete an 18 week internship. The internships must be in one of the following: A Design Department, Fashion Agency, Fashion Publisher, Media Agency, Fashion Label, Pattern Department in a Textile/Clothing Industry or in a Costume Team for a TV/Film Company.


Tuition Fees

Monthly Direct Debit: 390 Euro

Registration Fee: 590 Euro

Examination Cost: 600 Euro

Further costs such as Drawing Materials, Materials and Excursions are at the Students expense.


Student Loan
Mode Design College is a private school and is recognised by the student loan company in Germany (BAföG). For further information on how to obtain student loan please find on the following link. www.das-neue-bafoeg.de