Welcome to Mode Design College Düsseldorf

Welcome to Mode Design College Düsseldorf



In your time here with us at Mode Design College we are preparing you for your future career, once you are graduated you will have all the tools necessary to build your own path in the Fashion Industry. The course length is 3 years of teaching time and a additional 18 week internship which together will focus on producing a highly employable student. We base our philosophy on the international orientation of our students whilst also ensuring that their Crafts, Technique and Design Foundations are fully consolidated.



• Modelling

• Draping

• Experimenting

• Structuring

• Cutting

• Sewing

• Fixing

• Forming

• Optimisation

• Cut Variations

• Tailoring



• Communication

• Presentation Techniques

• Illustration

• Experimental Drawing Techniques

• Intuitive Drawing

• Quick drawing

• Digital Collage and Montage

• Digital Designs

• Textile Manufacturing Processes

• Manufacturing Techniques



• Fashion Theory

• Creativity

• Aesthetics

• Art

• Inspiration

• Colour Theories

• Conceptualization

• Visualization

• Reflection


There are a wide range of opportunities available to our successfully graduated students, many of which reside in Germany but we expect all our students to have the key competencies to work in positions all around the world. Examples of career paths after your studies are far reaching for e.g Stylist, Costume Designer, Fashion Journalist, Product Manager, Model Maker, Pattern, Quality Controller, Graphic Designer to name just a few.