New partnership with Griffith College Dublin


Hello All,


We are pleased to announce a cooperation agreement with Griffith College based in Dublin, this is an additional agreement on top of our already existing Bachelor offering with Steinbeis Business Academy. This provides all students who successfully graduate from Mode Design College and have the requisite English language skills the chance to enter into the third year of BA (Hons) in Fashion Design.


We are very happy to have Griffith College as a partner and after initial discussions we could see many synergies between the two institutions. Griffith College like ourselves are very committed to building partnerships in other countries so it was a logical fit to get the cooperation in place, we would also like to thank them for their speed in making this cooperation a reality. This cooperation agreement is exclusive to Mode Design College in Düsseldorf and I think this demonstrates once again how committed we are to providing our students with as many chances as possible to further their career on completion of our course.

This is fantastic opportunity for all current and future students and hopefully one that many of you will take up upon. If you would like more details about the course or entry requirements then please don’t hesitate to contact us at We will be updating the website shortly with all the necessary information so please come back and check out our site. Or if you would like to ask more questions in person I would like to remind you of our Open Evening tomorrow. If you would like to come along then please register here.
Your Mode Design College.